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5 Trendy Soup Recipes

Soup is warming, comforting, and very tasty! We have gathered a few new delicious soup recipes that you might not think you could make at home. We will show you how to create these in your own kitchen. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you can do with the things you have in your fridge.

Roasted poblano and sweet potato chicken soup

This hearty chicken soup with sweet potatoes gets a spicy kick from the roasted poblano peppers and zesty tomatoes.

Roasted poblanos lend a deep smoky flavor to the soup
by simply throwing the pepper in the broiler for a few minutes to make the skin nice and charred. It goes very well with the sweetness of the sweet potatoes.

Mushroom soup with freekeh

Have you ever tried freekeh? Freekeh is a type of wheat that belongs to the ancient grain family.

It is the ideal nutty grain for this hearty vegetarian soup with mushroom soup full of rich umami flavors from dried mushroom broth, tomato paste and soy sauce.

Shrimp and lobster bisque

Rich and creamy shrimp and lobster bisque is perfect for a special occasion. This creamy soup has good dining quality that you can easily make at home!

This luscious bisque is made with cooked lobster meat, giant shrimp, and a touch of dry sherry for the right mix.

Spicy Corn Soup

Corn kernels with spicy jalapeno and zesty tomatoes are pureed to make a creamy corn soup while roasted corn kernels add texture and charred flavor.

The sprinkled cilantro at the top gives it a fresh aftertaste. This rich and creamy blended soup is ideal for a chilly day!

Pasta Fagioli

A hearty soup full of vegetables with a deep, rich tomato taste and parmesan cheese rind to the boiling soup as the secret ingredient.

The deep cheesy and salty flavor of the cheese rind will permeate into the soup and make it delicious!