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Fleece-Lined Tights That Went Viral On TikTok

TikTok is the public information service that we didn’t realize we needed. It never ceases to amaze us with useful tips and hacks for everyday life. It has brought us, however, some pretty smart outfit-saving hacks, from turning your silk scarf into a shirt to giving your jeans a little additional breathing room. With winter officially in full swing, these incredible thermal tights have gone viral and caught our eye. They are fleece-lined and cozier than most true thermals.

They provide a truly warm and practical method to wear dresses and skirts in even the worst of weather, and have been dubbed the “No. 1 winter must-have” by content creators.
The guides instruct us to pick a color of our choice, with the majority of users opting for black, beige, or gray. Then, and here is where the ‘hack’ part comes in, we are told to put on a pair of our ordinary black or skin-colored tights over the top for the best results. The fleece-lined tights beneath them not only keep you warm in the cold, but they are also virtually undetectable beneath your regular tights, giving the impression that you are wearing nothing more than a standard pair of tights. If you have tattoos, they will, unfortunately, remain hidden under the thick layers.

You don’t have to double up, though. While some people choose to wear these fleece tights alone, despite the fact that many people won’t be able to do so owing to the poor color options, others choose black ones to use as warmer alternatives for their regular leggings.
Check out the TikTok hack specialists’ video tutorials, and if you are feeling brave, pick up a pair of these viral tights below. Something tells us that, thanks to TikTok’s power, they won’t be available for long.