The Best Emily In Paris' Fashion Moments From Season 2 - WordlyReview The Best Emily In Paris' Fashion Moments From Season 2 - WordlyReview

The Best Emily In Paris’ Fashion Moments From Season 2

The Heart Dress

We’ve all heard that Paris is called the city of love and romance. In this chapter Emily certainly lives up to this phrase. Her heart-shaped gown is unquestionably a huge hit. It goes nicely with the headband and the rabbit ear shoes, which add the finishing touch!

The vintage hair and makeup really add up to the classic and charming look of this outfit.

The Red Tulle Dress

Tulle has been a fashion trend for decades. From Carry’s iconic outfit in Sex and The City, tulle outfits remind us of that perfect ballerina chic combination.
Hearts are definitely a theme in this second season, as we can see from the necklace that Emily chose to wear.

This look also deserves recognition for the hairstyle that completely stands out.

The Bow Dress

There’s just something about bow dresses that makes them special. In particular, the size of the one Emily chose in this chapter draws all the attention. Although it may seem large at first sight, the proportion is truly perfect, and it looks amazing on her.

Also, the combination between the fuchsia of the bow and the black of the dress makes the perfect contrast.

The Black and Withe Dress

Having a little black dress on hand will probably save you on more than one occasion, especially for work. In this chapter, Emily takes it to the next level, when she combines black and white.

The most striking touches are given by the buttons and the neckline that are the absolute protagonists of the outfit.

The Tweed Skirt

Tweed was popularized by the famous Chanel brand, and it has since become an icon of this exclusive French label’s categories. As a result, Emily’s pick isn’t coincidental; rather, it’s a reference to what this genre means to the fashion business.

Plus, the color mix between red and pink have become one of the top picks from every fashionista.