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Maple Snow Candy – Winter Treat

When the kids get restless because of the snow, and you forgot to stock up on sweets, what can you do? Let us tell you: candy made with snow. If you have a bottle of real maple syrup and snow outside,it’s all you need to make scrumptious, tooth-obliterating taffy. However, is snow safe to eat? Yes, as long as you don’t reside next to a busy highway or in a densely populated neighborhood. Even if you live in a filthy city, the recipe below does not require you to eat snow. Follow these simple steps to make snow candy:

Find a pristine patch of freshly-fallen snow on your patio. Make sure there is no dirt or dog pee around the area to avoid contamination.

Get some genuine high-quality maple syrup. This is crucial: Using the fake stuff—which is basically corn syrup disguised—will result in a mushy, falsely flavored mess.

Put a cup of syrup in a small pot and bring it to boil on medium-high heat. Stir it frequently to keep it from bubbling over or burning. Allow your maple syrup to reach what’s known as the “soft-ball stage.”

The way to know is: when it touches cold water, the molten liquid will form a soft, pliable ball.You can also perform a practical test by dripping drops of boiling syrup into cold water and observing how squishy they become. If you have a candy thermometer, the magic number is 235°F.

Lay out several popsicle sticks on the packed snow and pour the syrup back and forth along the top third of the sticks if you want your candy to look like snowy lollipops. It should immediately begin to cool.

Pick up the strips as soon as they’re firm enough to pick up and go ahead and enjoy them.