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Best Slippers To Wear At Home

UGG slippers

UGG slippers are for those who adore the inside fleece of their boots and want to keep that warm, cuddly feeling. These slippers are essential for anyone who suffers from cold feet on a regular basis.

It takes a day for them to mold themselves to your feet. Because they run short in length, you’ll need to size up one size. They’re soft, cuddly, and quite comfortable!

Foot massaging slippers

Foot massage slippers with ridges that target all of your foot’s pressure points are a way for you to treat your feet to an all-day spa treatment at home.

They might not be the most beautiful looking shoes, but they feel great. They’re great to relax your feet after you take off your work shoes at the end of the day.

Memory foam fleece slippers

Memory foam fleece slippers from Ultraideas feel like they were built particularly for your feet. They slide on and off easily, but don’t fall off when walking around.

The plush inside is soft, but they have got a hard sole, so you can wear them to take out the trash. You can wash them with your regular laundry.


L.L. Bean moccasins will become your new favorite indoor/outdoor home shoes. Please note that if you wear a half-size, you will need size up for these.

They can last you for years and even when the genuine shearling lamb fur inner lining is worn down after so much use, they’re still comfortable. You can even use them in summer because they don’t make your feet sweat.

Faux leather dupes

For a similar look and a lower price, these luxurious leather dupes are a great alternative to leather moccasins.

At first, they might appear to be too fluffy, but the fluff will fit themselves to your feet. They are just as comfortable as the real thing!