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Winter Wonderland Destinations Around the World

Some people choose to spend their winter vacations at the beach or on a tropical island to escape the cold from home. However, others prefer to embrace the cold and snow for a change, and enjoy the white scenery and winter activities. Take a look at the following locations and consider them if you are seeking for a snowy winter getaway.

1. Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is a little Austrian village by Lake Hallstatt that appears like something out of a fantasy.

While the town is gorgeous at any time of year, the snow-covered Alps that surround the village provide a genuine wonderland in the wintertime.

2. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec Metropolis is a famous North American city that has an Old World European flavor to it.

In the winter, visit this amazing Canadian city for a truly spectacular, snowy experience. It has a lot of interesting museums and fun activities to offer by the Saint Lawrence River.

3. Lapland, Finland

The Lapland region of Finland, located exactly on the Arctic Circle, is the ultimate winter getaway.

Traditional winter activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling can be enjoyed before retreating to your own personal igloo to escape the cold temperatures. This is the region that is most associated with Santa Claus.

4. Shirakawago, Japan

This small Japanese village is famous for its winter light displays, which attract people from all over the world.

During the winter, many of the village’s farmhouses turn on all of their lights and highlight their snow-covered roofs, producing a magnificent snowy sight that seems like something out of a snow glass globe.

5. Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway, is a charming coastal city by the North Atlantic Ocean with bright wooden cottages and magnificent snowy hills in the background.

You may go skiing nearby, or you can take a boat ride through the ice fjords to enjoy the snow-capped mountains from afar.