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Best Christmas Party Food Ideas

Even the most organized among us will be scared away by the traditional Christmas to-do list. You’ve got a jam-packed calendar ahead of you, from finding gifts and wrapping presents to decorating the house and attending various social engagements. When you add hosting responsibilities to the mix, you’ll almost certainly require help.
Whether you’re doing an open house with a buffet or a full-fledged adult dinner party, you need recipes that will make your event unforgettable.

From popular snacks and nibbles (for meat eaters and vegetarians alike), easy holiday appetizers you can serve to any crowd, and cute finger foods, to simple make-ahead main courses and sides, and, of course, desserts and cocktails. There are even a few recipes for those of you who are responsible for providing sweets to your children’s school festivities.
Let’s start with some finger food, such as hummus and caramelized onion crostini. It’s vegan, which means it will appeal to all of your guests. Plus, it’s simple to dress it up for the holidays by sprinkling a rosemary twig on top of each one. Parmesan puffs and savory s’mores are also great options to keep snackers satisfied before the main meal. Make the s’mores with prosciutto, brie, and honey to impress your guests.

Move on to the main course, which can be a thyme seasoned chicken or turkey with some roasted potatoes. A nice salad side dish is a must, because it balances the hot foods with its freshness. For dessert you can get creative with some eggnog cinnamon rolls or chocolate chestnut christmas roll cake. To top it off, offer your guests some traditional mulled wine, done with sugar, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and a touch of brandy. Nothing says Christmas like the aroma of red wine simmering on the stove with citrus and spices.